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November 5, 2013 / Rick Swann

Compost webinar



The Growing School Gardens group on offers some great webinars on different aspects of school gardening. They occur during the work day for those of us on the West Coast, but they are archived and can be watched at any time.  If you have ever spent time in a school cafeteria you know how much food goes uneaten every day. If you can’t get students to eat all their food, the least you can do is make sure that the wasted food is put to good use as compost for the garden!

Breaking it Down: School Composting Made Easy with FoodCorpsMonday, November 18, 2013- 4pm / Eastern Time

In This Session
In our community’s next webinar, Cecily Upton will give an overview of FoodCorps, a national service program which she co-founded. We will explore the organization’s mission to give all children an enduring relationship to healthy food through school gardens, nutrition education, and local food procurement for school cafeterias. She will be joined by FoodCorps’ Robyn Wardell, who will draw on her experiences as a FoodCorps service member and fellow, to offer simple steps that you can take to prevent food waste in school cafeterias. They will also cover the special considerations necessary for starting a school composting operation. Join Cecily and Robyn on November 18 to learn how preventing food waste and composting at schools is an important means of saving money, protecting the environment, and teaching kids good habits from an early age.

To Participate in the Live Session
- Login at at the scheduled time.
- As a member of this edWeb community, pre-registration is not required.
- This webinar will be recorded and archived in this community for viewing at anytime.
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About the Presenters
Prior to founding FoodCorps, Cecily Upton managed Youth Programs at Slow Food USA, launching the Slow Food on Campus program, building opportunities for youth to engage directly with food system advocacy, and supporting school garden and kids cooking programs across the country. Upton is a successful photographer, an avid bike polo player, and aspiring urban homesteader. She works in our Portland, Oregon office.

Six years ago, when Robyn Wardell signed up to mentor local elementary students, she was dismayed to find them eating unhealthy food provided daily by their school. Simultaneously, she was beginning to build her own connection to real food by working on farms, researching food access, and learning about sustainable agriculture. As a result of her new-found respect for good food, and her love of working with kids, Robyn spent two years in Flint, Michigan where she served as a member of FoodCorps’ inaugural class of service members. Following her term as a service member, she then worked as a FoodCorps fellow, helping to build community and support for service members across the state. She loves to be outside, eat good food, and get dirt under her fingernails in the garden.


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