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August 10, 2012 / Rick Swann

Digging In!

I’m back from Burlington, VT where I attended the National School to Cafeteria conference, Digging In! The conference was wonderful and flavorful as well. Some high points were the slew of inspirational speakers: Anupama Joshi, Senator Bernie Sanders, Diane Imbre, Gail Christopher, Chellie Pingree, and Debra Eschmeyer, to name a few. I got jazzed by the workshop given by the Slow Food Denver See-to-Table folks (, Gigia Kolouch and Andrew Nowak, on Learner Driven Cooking Classes. The trip out to Shelburne Farms on Friday night was spectacular. Shelburne Farms has an array of educational programs ( as well as an amazing infrastructure. On the grounds were the two largest barns I have ever seen in my entire life! With mountains to both the west and the east at sunset, and fields that stretch for miles in every direction, it was a memorable evening, not to mention a great meal provided by numerous cooking programs showcasing their abilities. I also loved meeting artist Bonnie Acker. I added some carrots to one of the six group created panels made on Saturday by conference attendees. I plan to write more at length on issues raised at the conference and about programs I became acquainted with at the conference in the future!

Art panel created under the direction of Bonnie Acker.

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