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July 19, 2012 / Rick Swann

School gardens in New England

I’m amazed every time I visit friends and family in New England how many school gardens there are. In Seattle, we have a growing season that overlaps the school year quite a bit due to our maritime climate. New England has a much harsher climate. I remember many a harvest soon after Labor Day due to an impending frost growing up. I know that gardening techniques have improved and the climate is changing as well, and on my trips back East I’m seeing vibrant school gardens everywhere! This photo is from Reiche Elementary School in Portland. My daughter’s apartment overlooks the playground and gardens. The garden was in great shape in July, so it is being tended this summer. It looks like there will be good food to harvest when the kids return to school in September. I’ll be back to New England again in two weeks, to Burlington, VT, for the National Farm to Cafeteria Conference ( I’m excited!

Great looking spuds!

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